12841425_10153944852579941_5873328161895316655_oMy name is Igor Vlačič, and I type from Portoroz, Slovenia. I’m co-founder and owner of Neuroagencija d.o.o. I switched from sports coaching to business coaching and neuromarketing in 2008. I’ve been always attracted to psychology and human behaviour. I think the future knowledge about our neurology and behaviour is yet to be rediscovered, but the most important part will be its application. Currently I’m working on my master thesis in Organisational and Business Psychology, searching for ideal subject to perform a research.

I’m an ex tennis player and coach, owning a small business, developing strategic communications, acting and communicating in the times of crisis, marketing and political campaigns, branding and coaching. I’m really attracted to change management, as change is the core value of my mission. I have two beautiful dogs Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s, Flo and DaVinci, which amuse me every single day. Going for a long walks it’s kind a meditation for me, listening to audiobooks, lectures and taking pictures of nature wonders. It can get quite beautiful on the Slovenian coast-side, you can check my Instagram 😉


Leading by example

Using different “language codes”, coach aligns beliefs with coachee, and with leading by example, changes “I” to “we”. It is essential for the coach to remain loyal to the mission, and yet flexible enough to lead the process. As a tennis coach I worked on the assumption, that every person can learn complex motoric activities, but it depends on the methodology used to achieve desired skills.

Coach should hold a belief, that client is the centre of the process.

Pledged goals have to be measurable. The process is led with questions and by example. Goals are often revised, as everyone in the process learn, but yet the coach have to remain loyal to initial ambitions. Chosen framework promotes practically every human being ambition – to be happy and healthy.

Happiness is not a goal, but is an attitude, and attitude can be learned.

When I’m asked what coaches actually do, I explain that coach work to be himself in the best version . With third party overview, as an outsider, the coach is not emotionally involved in the process. Coach can contribute to coachee’s organisation of internal and external resources, but most important is that coach can offer them support in their own goal-setting, and sometimes helps at finding a purpose.